Starhotel Metropole Rome




Nestled in the heart of Rome's bustling Republica area, the Starhotels Metropole offers a prime location merely 90 meters from the Opera House, a leisurely 6-minute stroll to the Viminale, and a convenient 5-minute walk to Roma Termini, the city's central metro and railway station. Within a pleasant 10-15 minute walk, you'll find yourself at iconic landmarks such as the Coliseum and the Trevi Fountain. The hotel's 236 modern and elegant rooms provide guests with the perfect sanctuary to unwind and revel in supreme comfort after a day of exploring Rome's wonders. 

For dining options, the Apicio restaurant awaits, serving a delectable array of typical Roman, national, and international dishes, while the intimate Bistrot Rendez-Vous bar offers a wide selection of beverages to please your palate. Additionally, the Starhotels Metropole boasts a fitness room with complimentary access.



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