Serengeti: Front Row Seats and R 25 000 off!


Usawa, meaning "balance" in Swahili, captures the essence of the Serengeti's harmonious chaos. Amidst the thirst and hunger-driven frenzy of thousands of animals, united in purpose, they navigate rivers and overcome challenges. The cycles of birth, death, rain, and drought restore equilibrium to the plains. Wilderness Usawa Serengeti embraces this adaptability, allowing the camp to relocate strategically across key Serengeti locations. Guests are afforded front-row seats to the unfolding drama, ensuring they are always in the right place at the right time to witness nature's extraordinary spectacle.

The R 25 000.00 off is in addition to the current package price.

Usawa Serengeti

As close as you can get

Wilderness Usawa Serengeti provides an intimate and luxurious experience, accommodating 12 guests in six tents. The camp is designed with sustainability in mind, utilizing solar power and locally sourced materials to minimize its environmental impact. With a central dining area and social fire pit, the camp adjusts its configuration based on the surrounding environment, ensuring close proximity to the migrating herds. By moving with the seasonal migration, Wilderness Usawa Serengeti offers guests maximum wildlife action while maintaining a remote and private setting away from tourist-heavy areas. The camp's exquisite design and thoughtful décor contribute to a truly immersive East African experience.


All meals, all local drinks (excluding premium imported brands & champagne), all game activities (open game drive vehicle shared basis), walking safaris (park fees excluded), airstrip transfers, limited laundry, Tourism Levy, picnic lunch, emergency evacuation.


Flights and taxes, park & camping fees, gratuities, premium imported beverages and champagnes, private vehicle, activity park fees (pre-booking required.

Serengeti: Front Row Seats and R 25 000 off!

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R21,500.00 $1,436* | €1,228* | £1,047*

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